London Town


382417_4035187475919_2093933676_nLondon is an amazing city with a rich history and plethora of sights to see. The city has loads of museums, palaces, gardens, and churches all within a small distance. Although the weather is not always ideal, the monuments and history make up for it. The tube makes getting around the city stress-free and affordable. London also offers a three-day pass that makes visiting multiple sights in an economical way. Pack a rain coat and boots and get on your way!

Where to Stay

Equity Point Hostel London

Equity Point Hostel is a quality place to stay no matter what city. This hostel is located in Paddington, and is a short five-minute walk from Hyde Park.

Lancaster Gate Hotel

Lancaster Gate is located one street away from Hyde Park in a very safe and clean area. The hotel itself is very clean, and offers a relaxing place to rest after long days of sightseeing. Queensway and Lancaster Gate are the two nearest tube stations.

What to Do

Buckingham Palace

Seeing Buckingham Palace in person is the best way to see the beautiful landmark. Good luck making the guards laugh!

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace

Tower of London

The Tower of London is home to the exquisite Royal Jewels collection. Visiting this Museum is a great way of learning the history of England.

View of Tower Bridge from Tower of London

View of Tower Bridge from Tower of London

Saint Paul’s Cathedral

Saint Paul’s is where Prince Charles and Princess Diana wed. The Cathedral is grand inside and out

Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey is where the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were married in 2011. It’s a truly spectacular building!

Trafalgar Square

This famous square is in London and where you can find the National Gallery. It’s a great place to spend New Year’s Eve!

Thames River Cruise

Viewing London from a boat cruise is a relaxing way to see the city.

London Eye

If you want the opposite view, riding the London Eye offers spectacular view.

Wembley Stadium

This relatively new stadium, opened in 2007, is the venue for numerous concerts, athletic matches, and Olympic events. The stadium is home to the English National futbol team.

Wembley Field

Wembley Field

Don’t forget to stop by Big Ben!

Where to Eat

EAT. (The Real Food Company)

EAT is a convenient place to grab a snack or meal. They have delicious soups and sandwiches, as well as a variety of other goodies.


This Japanese restaurant has great lunches and dinners. Wagamama is a great place to grab a warm bowl of miso soup or bowl of noodles.

Malt House

Malt House’s British-style cooking has been praised by visitors often because of their high standards. The menu even changes daily!



Mahiki is known for their Themed Thursday night, as well as their royal clientele. Located on Dover Street, this place is one of the most popular in London

2 & 8

This club would be for more of a resident because you must have a membership to hang out here. 2 & 8 are known for having a great atmosphere.


Boujis is a club where you can dance the entire night. This place will have a mix of different people, local and foreign.

Hyde Park

Hyde Park

Good luck planning your trip to London, and I hope you have sunny days there! Check out this London blog that has a plethora of information. This blog is very well written and informative.

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