The Charm of Chester, England

Chester is a quaint city located along the River Dee. Chester was originally founded as a Roman fort and the Roman walls still surround the city today. Chester is a perfect place for a weekend trip with plenty of great restaurants, pubs, and shopping. The Chester Racecourse another major tourist attraction sure to provide an entertaining afternoon! It takes just under four hours to travel from London to Chester by car, but you can also get there by bus or train.

Streets of Chester

Streets of Chester

 Where to stay

Holiday Inn Express – Racecourse

This hotel is conveniently located near the city center, and directly next to the Chester Racecourse. The rooms are clean and nicely sized, and they provide a great breakfast!

Chester Grosvenor and Spa

Chester Grosvenor is a very classy hotel located by the Eastgate Clock and several other main attractions. This hotel is a perfect example of the charm Chester possesses!

 Bars and Restaurants

Fiesta Havana

Fiesta Havana is a restaurant and bar with delicious tapas and margaritas, and has a very unique atmosphere. The restaurant has brick walls and leather furniture, and is a wonderful place to go at any time of the day.

What to do

Roman walls

The original Roman walls encloses Chester, stretching the distance of about two miles. You can walk the walls, providing a great way to tour the city. There are canals and parks scattered throughout the city, a long with a Roman amphitheater where events and performances are still held. A guided tour is another great way to see the city!

Guided City Tour

Guided City Tour


The Chester Racecourse is known as the Roodee and is the oldest racecourse in England that is still in use. Tickets to the races can be as low as 8 euros, which makes the races accessible no matter what your budget! Restaurant 1539, overlooking the course, is an award-winning restaurant with a truly delicious menu!

Check out Adventurous Kate’s blog about Chester. She shares great advice and information about the city. Nigel Thomas documented his trip mostly through pictures, which will help you get a feel for the charm Chester has to offer!

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