Back in Old Napoli…or Capri, That’s Amore!


Capri is a beautiful island off the Almafi Coast of Italy. It truly is a unique place to visit and definitely worth traveling to! The island of Capri is an upscale destination with luxury shops and restaurants, and is commonly visited by celebrities and royalty, such as Beyonce and Charlotte Casiraghi. The island is famous for their custom made sandals, which are still made by authentic shoemakers there today. The tradition of artisan-made perfume dates back to the 15th Century, and still remains a popular business on the island. Reached by a ferry or private boat, a day trip is a perfect opportunity to see the sights of Capri. Check out this Capri site for more information on transportation and activities.

What to Do

The Blue Grotto

This sea cave is on the coast of Capri and can be reached by taking a small boat for around 15 Euro. A breathtaking blue reflection is created with the sunlight peaking through both the seawater and cave entrance. If you’re lucky, your tour guide may even let you take a swim!

Funicular Railway

The Funicular is the fastest way to get from the Marina Grande port to the center of Capri, where most of the shops and restaurants are located. The ride up offers incredible views of the Mediterranean and Tyrrhenian Seas, as well as the island itself. Single tickets can be purchased for only 2 Euro!

What to Drink

Limoncello and the “Specialty”

Limoncello is a popular liquor on the island, made with the lemons produced on the island. Another must-have drink, without alcohol, is called the “specialty,” which is a blend of lemon and orange juice. The drink is extremely refreshing on hot Capri days and is simply irresistible!

Capri is a beautiful destination with a plethora of handmade goods and drinks that can only be found on this small island. A day trip is a prefect length of time to spend exploring and enjoying the island’s treasures. Check out this blog on Capri written by Cynthia, who urges readers to indulge in life!

Good luck planning your next trip!



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