Traveling to Malta

Malta, Malta, Malta

Mellieha Bay Beach

Malta is a lively and colorful island located in the Mediterranean Sea and definitely worth a trip! Although the whole island is full of rich culture and sightseeing, my trip to Malta was concentrated in the St. Julian’s area of the island. Here’s what you’ll need to know!

How to Get There:

One word: Ryanair. Ryanair provides cheap flights for travelers from a variety of airports. When making travel plans, being flexible is the best way to ensure you get the lowest air fare. Plan ahead!

Places to stay:

Highgate Apartments: Provides a very spacious place to rest. I stayed there with a group of 5 of us and found it more than enough space for a 3-day holiday. The apartments have very little amenities compared to a hotel, but does have a kitchen and massive living space with a gorgeous balcony views. The overall price for two nights was only $170 (US dollars).

St. Julian’s Bay Hotel: This hotel is located in the same building where the apartments are. The staff was extremely friendly, helping us figure out the bus system and recommending places to eat! When checking out, they let us store our luggage in their luggage room. I never saw the inside of their rooms, but the staff was so friendly that I would definitely look into staying there on my next trip to Malta.


The best beaches in Malta are located in Mellieha Bay and Golden Bay. Staying in Sliema and Valletta are a far commute, especially if you’re looking to maximize your beach time during your trip. The area of St. Julian’s provides a quicker commute to the beach areas via bus for around only 3 euro.

Mellieha Bay: The beach here is beautiful! Accessible by bus, the beach has umbrellas for 5 euro or space to use your own towel. The water is so unbelievably clear you’ll think your swimming in a pool!


Paceville is an area with a very lively nightlife. You’ll find bars, clubs, and hookah lounges offering both inside and outside spaces all within a small area.

Bars and Clubs:

Footloose: DJ played great dance music all night, and almost always crowded by 12 a.m.

Plush: Enticed by the 2-1 drink special, Plush was a great place to order a drink. They also had a DJ that played great music and had a variety of people, both local and foreign.

Bellini Bar: Stay away! They are long walk from Paceville and serve poorly made drinks.

To find more information on the lively island of Malta, check out their official site:

Visit Malta 

Here’s another great blog that acts as an online community city with information specifically for tourists:



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